ElimiNOX Eco ™ for Diesel – 32 oz


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Made from all natural renewable biodegradable ingredients, the only “green” fuel conditioner on the market today. Plus it works.

It will prevent and deal with water build up in the diesel, emulsifying it into the water, and increasing lubricity by 30%.

The effects are astounding:

  • Significant reductions in fuel consumption – 8% in modern E6 diesel trucks achieved over 12 months and over 1 million miles by cement distributor in the UK with a 27 truck fleet.
  • Significant reductions in all main emissions – verified by testing companies:  CO and CO2 by 30%, NOx and SOx > 20% and particulates (smoke, both PM 10 and PM2.5) by over 50%. A must for all believers in climate change and everyone who wants to achieve better air quality.
  • Improvements in performance, less maintenance costs such as DEF usage and filter changes, significantly less carbon build up and longer engine and turbo life
  • Elimination of Diesel Bug


Use of ElimiNOX Eco ™ for Diesel not only pays for itself, it will give you meaningful savings. For most users, the net saving per gallon at $4 per gallon is expected to be over 20 cents. You do the math as to how this will work out for you, with the mileage you do, your average MPG across your fleet, the price you pay for your diesel and the size of your vehicle fleet. Or use our Savings Calculator (under Products in menu bar).  For non-vehicles, savings per gallon are similar.

Dilution 1:2000.  Will treat 500 gallons of diesel.


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