The construction industry is a large consumer of fuel, primarily diesel, with a mix of power generators, heavy plant and machinery and on/off road vehicles in use. Most construction plant runs on diesel.  

In common with all businesses:

  • increasing fuel costs are a problem. It is hard to pass the cost on especially on current contracts.
  • there is pressure to reduce emissions, an issue especially relevant to larger or publicly quoted companies with ESR targets and institutional shareholders.


Provision of electricity at sites is usually provided by a proliferation of small portable diesel generators. Small generators have lower efficiency and lower emission controls than larger generators. They are dirty, noisy, and emit emissions which are both harmful to the environment and operators’ health.

A particular issue is work being stopped because of downtime with the generators. Reliability is important and ElimiNOX Eco ™ will improve reliability, as well as reducing maintenance costs.

Even, if you use HVO, ElimiNOX Eco ™ will be a boon to your business delivering an 8% improvement in fuel efficiency and deliver a 30% lubricity improvement addressing issues with HVO due to lack of Oxygen and Sulphur content.

All plant consuming road (white) diesel, red diesel or HVO can be treated with ElimiNOX Eco ™ resulting in lower emissions and improving fuel efficiency.

Cost Savings

You can expect a reduction in diesel fuel consumption of between 5% and 10%, plus lower maintenance costs. Less downtime will reduce your costs of performing your contract adding to your bottom line.


ElimiNOX Eco ™ reduces the production of harmful, environmentally damaging greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2/NOx (up to 30%), whilst also reducing deadly Particulate Matter (PMs), including soot and smoke (up to 60+% reduction for PM2.5 and 50+% for PM10)

Larger businesses are often subject to ESR requirements. Use of ElimiNOX Eco ™ will improve their ESR performance.

Incorporation of ElimiNOX Eco ™ ought to become an important part of a business’ decarbonisation responsibilities.

ElimiNOX Eco ™ has been rigorously and successfully tested by world renown laboratories including Socotec Laboratories. The test results have been declared as ‘game changing’ for the diesel engine, environmental pollution and the health problems associated with diesel engine pollutants.

Moreover, Bureau Veritas have certified that diesel fuel conditioned with ElimiNox Eco™  not only retains compliance with EN590 but also benefits from an increase of over 30% improvement in Lubricity.

Improvement in Reliability of Diesel generators

The improvements in efficiency including the substantial increase in lubricity (30%) and reductions in deposits due to lower particulate matter emissions, result in better performance and critically less downtime. Less downtime means lower costs.

Storage Tanks

ElimiNOX Eco ™ has the added benefit of reducing maintenance and improving the life span of fuel storage tanks.  It will also keep fuel in storage tanks clean, scavenging excess water from fuel tanks maintaining fuel integrity and stability contributing to reduced filter blocking. . It ensures diesel bug is both eliminated and prevented.