We all love our cars and pickup trucks. But they are huge emitters of emissions, and the older the car the worse the emissions. The older the car the worse the mileage and the greater the performance issues.

Even new cars can benefit from better MPG and lower emissions.

Everyone has a responsibility to do his or her part to take care of the world around us as well as the air we breathe.  Many health issues such as heart and lung disease have been attributed to vehicle pollutants and emissions of Nitrogen oxides (NOx) regularly exceed safe levels in many cities. Vehicles produce the overwhelming majority of roadside NOx gases.

Having said that, ElimiNOX Eco™ has a special part to play with older cars, classic, muscle or otherwise.  Using ElimiNOX Eco™ will remove carbon deposits from spark plugs/cylinder head/valves; ensures classic cars are running at peak performance with better acceleration, a  smoother and quieter engine and reduced emissions ensuring no more emission test headaches.  

ElimiNOX Eco™ dramatically reduces all the environmental pollutants produced by engines, including gasoline engines. The product has been rigorously and successfully tested by world-renown laboratories including Socotec Laboratories. The test results have been declared as ‘game changing’ for environmental pollution and the health problems associated with combustion engine exhaust pollutants and increased engine efficiency.

Not only does ElimiNOX Eco™ dramatically reduce engine pollutants, it enables gasoline (and diesel) engines to perform far more efficiently. ElimiNOX Eco™ will also clean all stored fuel when added to fuel storage tanks, including gasoline storage.

Cost Savings

Once upon a time, the USA was the land of inexpensive gasoline and diesel. No longer. Even before the recent events in Ukraine, prices had risen.

These price rises are hurting everyone, and not only businesses that rely on diesel.  There are many businesses which are large consumers of gasoline such as:

  • those with smaller delivery or business vehicles.
  • taxi fleets.
  • rideshare and delivery

and many more.

Whether small or large, a saving on fuel is welcome to all.


There is no doubt that gasoline (in addition to diesel) engines have contributed considerably to global pollution and climate change.

As a result, President Biden is under pressure to introduce legislation to phase out diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2050. Several states either have such legislation or are planning it. California by Executive Order has banned the sale of new gasoline cars by 2035.  New York recently passed a directive requiring all new car sales to be electric by 2035 and trucks by 2045.

In the interim, the use of diesel and gasoline will continue, and for those businesses or individuals who have a genuine concern about climate change (carbon emissions) or respiratory health issues (micro particulates, nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide), using ElimiNOX Eco ™ will reduce their emissions footprint…materially so.

ElimiNOX Eco ™ reduces the production of harmful, environmentally damaging greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2/NOx (up to 30%), whilst also reducing deadly Particulate Matter (PMs), including soot and smoke (up to 60+% reduction for PM2.5 and 50+% for PM10)

ElimiNOX Eco ™ has been rigorously and successfully tested by world renown laboratories including Socotec Laboratories. The test results have been declared as ‘game changing’ for the diesel engine, environmental pollution and the health problems associated with diesel engine pollutants.

Moreover, Bureau Veritas has certified that gasoline conditioned with ElimiNox Eco™ retains compliance with ASTM 4814.

ElimiNOX reduces emissions
Eliminox reduces PM10 in diesel

Storage Tanks

ElimiNOX Eco ™ has the added benefit of reducing maintenance and improving the life span of fuel storage tanks.  It will also keep fuel in storage tanks clean, scavenging excess water from fuel tanks maintaining fuel integrity and stability contributing to reduced filter blocking. 


GL, Mercedes Benz

"After using ElimiNOX Eco™ for 6 months I took my car for its MOT. The tester was astonished… He said: "in 30 years of testing I have never seen a zero emission result"


“I am very happy with the product after my MGB failed its MOT test due to high emissions, I used ElimiNox Eco™ for one week and returned my car to the test centre where it passed with a 78%* reduction of emissions. The car also runs smoother and seems more responsive.

Case Studies

2018 718S petrol 2.5L turbo with 350 bhp – Dan Clarke, Sulnox Director

Increase of 19% from 29.9 mpg to 37.1 mpg on a 1,000 Mile road trip

2014 Range Rover L322

Increase of 34% from 29.9 to 40.2 MPG. Increase was gradual and final result was achieved after several months of continual use.

Jaguar – Tony Granger, Chairman Eliminox UK

Increase of 37% from 32 to 44 MPG reported by Chairman of Eliminox UK